From evening to day: handbags for all occasions

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Sarah Jessica Parker knows the importance of a handbag. Photo: Grazia

Just like a best friend, your handbag is with you every step of the way.

Its job is to keep all of your belongings safe, while impersonating the beautiful accessory on your arm that completes your outfit.

Just like SJP said of his Fendi, “Oh, it’s not a bag. It’s a Baguette.”


Serving 10s for practicality (sometimes) and looks, your handbag is a must-have that you can’t live without.

So how do you choose the right bag for every occasion?

For everyday, you need something that you can easily carry around and that will fit all your important belongings.

Essentially, as long as it fits your phone, keys and cards, everything else is a bonus.

This chic braided leather tote bag from AERE is a great option.

The soft woven beige leather offers a soft and cool texture, while being super practical for storing your essentials.

There’s even room to store on-the-go items like a water bottle, mini makeup bag and a cute wallet.

Equipped with a handle and a shoulder strap, this versatile tote offers ease, simplicity and style.

Beige leather woven tote bag on white background.
Aere Woven Leather Tote Bag is soft to hold and deep enough to store things on the go, like a water bottle and touch-up makeup. Photo: The Iconic

When you go out for a special occasion, it’s normal that you bring your special bag.

It’s just the rules.

Especially early on, it’s a nice little boost when you’ve got a compact designer friend on your arm (speaking of the bag) to keep you cool, calm and collected, while looking AF chic.

A compact saddle bag from See by Chloe offers the perfect amount of street credit while remaining relatively simple and effortless.

If you’re bar hopping and getting in and out of cars, you’ll want something that can sit in your lap or hang over your shoulder in a small frame.

In addition, choosing a neutral color that will go with all your outfits allows you to shine well.

Like it should be.

See by Chloe mini black messenger bag with gold chain on a white background.

There’s something about straw bags that instantly says “beach.”

The raw material of woven straw instantly transports you to a tropical climate where you relax with a pina colada.

Only U.S?

When you go to the beach, you just need enough space for your sunscreen and your wallet, maybe a small rolled up Turkish towel.

Simple straw bags will still give you that chic look, if you have a drink at a nearby coastal bar at the end of your swim.

You can not be wrong.

A beige straw bag on a white background.
straw bags instantly bring that beachy feel when you go for a swim or plan a day by the sea. Photo: Myer

Depending on where you work, you will of course change your bag depending on the environment.

For this article, we’re going for a bag suitable for working indoors, which will complement whatever you’re carrying and hold the important things for the day.

It’s easy to carry more than you need when you go to work, but really you need your phone, headphones, keys, wallet and maybe a bottle of water. water.

A neutral color that will go with most of your outfits is a great option because choosing your outfit every day is stressful enough.

Hint: you can catch the coveted Marc Jacobs The Editor Tote Bag $38 to $358 on full price right now at The Iconic.

Now is your chance.

Marc Jacobs black handbag with handle on a white background.
Marc Jacobs offers chic and practical handbags perfect for indoor work environments. Photo: The Iconic

When it comes to making a statement with your handbag, there are no rules.

Whatever the color, material, print, shape or size, it’s meant to make a splash, so let it be.

The beauty of a trendy handbag is that it doesn’t have to be a big brand to deliver the wow factor.

As long as you vibrate with it and it makes you look and feel fabulous, that’s all that matters.

As for our pick, we go for the new Loeffler Randall clutch which you can see popping up all over your Instagram right now.

Made famous for its signature pleated mules, Loffler Randall are all about giving that touch of flair, while being comfortable and practical.

They are also not exorbitantly priced.

You can have your own beautifully designed bow pouch for under $300 in a wide range of colors from gold, white, pastel blue and more.

Gold bow handbag from Loeffler Randall with a gold chain on a white background.
Loeffler Randall’s gold bow clutch is a beautiful trendy bag that will accompany you from day to night. Photo: Net-A-Porter

light travel

When traveling, practicality and function trump looks.

But that doesn’t mean you have to carry a backpack. (No disrespect to the backpack community)

If you’re bringing your laptop, there are plenty of handbag options designed to fit your laptop or tablet, phone, and essential accessories, while providing a design element.

The signature laptop bag of LOUENHIDE is the perfect option, offering enough room for a 15-inch laptop, with multiple compartments and a rear zipped pocket for additional essentials.

Available in a range of chic colors, the vegan leather bag can stand on its own, with feet on the base, or be carried over your shoulder with the adjustable and detachable shoulder strap.

It is also equipped with extra padding, which makes it easy to carry.

A square vegan leather laptop bag with two stripes of dark green leather on the front holding the handle at the top and the strap in front on a white background.

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