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LAS SHOT: Len Bayley takes his bow down for the last time after winning Sunday’s outdoor event in his farewell appearance on the shooting range.

THREE rounds of archery kept the Blue Lake Archers busy over the weekend, with the final round also marking a club member’s retirement from the competitive side of archery.

Friday night’s indoor rounds were a pair of Australian 18-meter events.

Three archers made a small field but provided tight final scores.

The first round saw scores out of the arc for Paul Freeman and Graham Lock within one point of each other in the first half.

As the match ended, Lock opened up a small but growing lead as Peter Donhardt tried to oust Freeman from second place.

The final score line found Donhardt one point ahead of Freeman but seven points behind Lock’s winning score.

The second round was a turnaround for Freeman as he sought revenge for his fading in the first round.

All three archers found additional precision, with Freeman the tallest player gaining seven points on his first effort.

Lock was victorious again, but this time he was just three points ahead of Freeman with Donhardt just one point behind Freeman.

Sunday afternoon remained bright and cool and members of the outdoor practice booth were happy to extend the practice and practice session which had novice archers on the training ground under Freeman’s tutelage.

The nomination of the shortest event on the list to squeeze into a full competition was obvious after the delayed start, with the 60 Arrows Soggy Sunday making another appearance on the scoresheets.

Len Bayley started archery after retiring from his professional life and was with the club for around six years, with the club being the only member based in Victoria during this time.

Freeman continued to coach the beginners as three archers competed at the main stand.

The scores were mixed.

Donhardt is still working up to his handicap level outdoors and has only been marked as out of the arc, leaving him out of action for a win.

Lock and Bayley had to see who was the best archer of the day based on handicap scores.

Retirement from competition ended on a high note for Bayley as he finished his final lap with a comfortable win, 19 points on his benchmark and 37 points ahead of Lock.

Indoor archery continues Friday night at the Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park from 7:30 p.m., followed by outdoor archery at Corriedale Park on Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

Australian Indoor 18 meters, round 1, marked handicap, benchmark 300 points: Graham Lock 297 (off the bow 285); Paul Freeman 289 (276); Peter Donhardt 290 (251).

Australian Indoor 18 meters, round 2, handicap score, benchmark 300 points: Graham Lock 299 (out of arc 287); Paul Freeman 296 (283); Peter Donhard 295 (256).

Sunday soggy outside lap, marked handicap, benchmark 600 points: Len Bayley 619 (out of arc 492); Graham Lock 582 (543); Peter Donhardt 474 (out of the bow only).

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