Fashion fans are going wild for Primark’s £4 Hermès sandals and they come in three on-trend colors

You can’t open Instagram right now without seeing a fashion blogger wearing Hermès Oran sandals.

Chic, light and comfortable – it’s pretty much our dream summer shoe.


Primark sandals have been reduced to just £4Credit: Primark
Hermes sandals will set you back £500


Hermes sandals will set you back £5001 credit

But there’s just one small problem – they cost £500.

Luckily for us, Primark has made our fashion dreams come true with their new £4 dupe.

After spotting them in stores, a savvy shopper posted a photo of the cheap sandals on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

Alerting other fashion fans to the deal, the woman wrote: “‘How nice are these sandals from Primark? They’re £4!!’

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Plus, they also come in three on-trend shades.

If you want a dupe as close to the Hermes Ocran as possible, then the tan offering is your best bet.

However, handbag-friendly purchases are also available in blue and mustard.

In response to the brand’s Instagram post, one fan replied, “I need it!”

“Aww I love them,” added another.

And while the brighter colors weren’t to everyone’s taste, the woman was thrilled with her designer dupe.

Speaking to Latest Deals, she said: ‘I was looking for sandals for my next vacation and had lazily browsed through my favorite designers online for inspiration.

“When I discovered Primark while in town yesterday, I was stunned to see such a similar pair on sale for just £4!

“There were a lot of negative comments about the shoes, but I’m excited to take mine home with me in a few weeks – there will always be haters.”

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Tom Church, co-founder of, said: “With warmer weather on the way, sandals are a summer staple – but I can’t imagine paying £500 for a brand of Creator.

“These Primark dupes are a steal at just £4, and if they make you fancy a Curly Wurly, then why not eat one on the beach?!”

They also come in a vibrant blue hue


They also come in a vibrant blue hueCredit: Primark
The color yellow divides opinion on Facebook


The color yellow divides opinion on FacebookCredit: Primark

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