Fantom X: The perfect minimalist wallet for materialists

If I told you to close your eyes and think of a wallet, chances are you would still think of the traditional leather bifold. You’re probably a bit old school if you did (much like me), although if you were thinking of a bitcoin hardware wallet, you’re probably living in the year 2050. The Fantom X wallet, however, has was designed to be neither old school nor wildly futuristic and speculative. It’s what I call a contemporary representation of a wallet, using new-age materials and manufacturing methods. The Fantom X comes with a tough cerakote aluminum body, carbon fiber exterior, and a sleek design that doesn’t leave a bulge in your back pocket like a big bifold does. For good measure, it also offers RFID blocking capabilities and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Designer: Ansix Designs

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Designed and made in Canada, the Fantom X is the third and final in Fantom’s series of minimalist wallets. It comes in 3 sizes, holding 7 to 13 cards depending on the size you choose, and is overall 3 millimeters (1/8th inch) thicker than all of those stacked cards, making for a MUCH thinner wallet than traditional folders or even card holders. The Fantom X achieves this with a precision-machined aluminum outer body, which securely holds your cards inside its inner chamber.

To access your cards, a lever/trigger on the top allows you to release them from their chamber, making each card individually visible and accessible so you’ll never be looking for the right card every time. Call it a combination of good design and engineering, but your cards fit snugly in place without ever falling off, even by accident. Whether you use your Fantom X to store 3 cards or 13, your cards stay securely in their slot, only popping out of the wallet when you take them out.

A simple press of the lever provides instant access to all your cards. A quick access thumb slot is also available to access your most used card without ventilation.

Cards only come out when you need them. The perfect balance of security and ease of access lies in the magic of our patented design.

However, this modern takeover doesn’t necessarily mean compromising style for elegance. The industrial charm of the Fantom X is contrasted by the decorative cover plates that go to the front and back of the wallet. For people looking for something surprisingly unique, wooden cover plates enhance the original appeal of your Fantom X. For people firmly planted in the future, a carbon fiber cover plate allows you to accentuate the “future-looking” visual appeal of your Fantom X. The plates add an aesthetic touch to your wallet by covering it from the front and back, while the RFID wallet also protects your cards against the digital flight. However, to make it easier to tap your card at payment terminals or on the subway, or while checking in and out of work, the Fantom X allows you to tap the lowest card when your wallet is fully extended inside. using the lever on the side.

Tested over half a million ventilation cycles, the Fantom X’s patented ventilation mechanism was designed with absolute longevity in mind.

Each wallet is machined from solid sheet aluminum and finished with Cerakote for unparalleled performance against corrosion, chemicals and durability.

Fantom X on the far right.

The Fantom X is the third in Fantom’s series of wallets, featuring a design that’s 22% smaller and 35% lighter than its predecessors. Although noticeably thinner than almost any regular wallet, the Fantom X is built to last even longer than other wallets in terms of durability. The body of the wallet is machined from aluminum and finished with a damage-resistant Cerakote coating, while the lever mechanism is designed to handle loads of up to 12 kilograms or 25 pounds without breaking a sweat. Each wallet is even secured by a lifetime warranty on its build quality, and what’s more, Fantom even revealed that the Fantom X has a unique mod-compatible design, with mods to hold cash/keys and even track your portfolio in the summer of 2022.

Click here to buy now: $125.10 $139 (10% discount with promo code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, offer ends May 14th.

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