Drug dealer stole wallet containing £ 1,000 from elderly man in pub


A drug dealer caught in possession of heroin and crack was later arrested while on bail for stealing a wallet containing £ 1,000 from an elderly man.

Roger Nugent, 44, was arrested by police with drugs on March 8 when a Volkswagen Golf in which the accused was a passenger was pulled over in Newport. They first found a bag containing 0.5g of cocaine worth £ 60 as well as two cell phones.

The defendant was then transported from Coldra Road to a police custody room where a strip search took place and other drugs were found protruding from Nugent’s anus.

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This included 3.12g of heroin valued between £ 80-120, 0.08g of crack and another bag containing 3.18g of crack valued between £ 80-120.

A Cardiff Crown Court sentencing hearing heard data was downloaded from a black Nokia that contained messages relating to drug trafficking.

Prosecutor Nik Strobl has given information on another incident which occurred while Nugent was out on bail at the Robin Hood pub in Monmouth on August 27.

The defendant was the subject of a criminal conduct order preventing him from frequenting the business premises on Monnow Street, but he breached this obligation by frequenting the pub.

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Mr Stobl said: “The victim John Price, 85, was drinking in the pub when Nugent approached him, reached out his hand and stole his wallet. Mr Price did not notice the theft. identified the accused.

The wallet contained £ 1,000 which Mr Price was saving to buy a television, but it was not recovered.

Nugent, of Hendre Close, Monmouth, subsequently pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, theft and breach of a criminal conduct order. The court also heard that he had numerous convictions for drug possession.

Defense attorney Ben Waters said Nugent had struggled with an addiction to Class A drugs for a long time and had nurtured his habit of selling drugs to a “small circle of friends,” but he is now prescription methadone.

Judge Huw Rees sentenced Nugent to a total of 25 months in prison.

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