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Lila Moss exploited as British vogueThe Star of May Cover

Modeling is in Lila Moss’ genes. The 19-year-old struts around in her mother Kate’s heel prints; longtime muse of the fashion world whose face is on 43 British vogue blankets. Mini Moss is destined for success – and her final appearance in pubs May edition is the proof. To commemorate the cover, she sat down with writer Ellie Pithers to discuss everything you’d want to know, from early modeling to raiding her (jealous, Nope?) to how she studied her parents’ fame as a way to navigate her own. Talking about how her career took off, Moss said she dabbled in modeling at a young age – against the discretion of her mother, who knew the industry all too well – which meant that the paparazzi and camera clicks were quick to follow. And she knew exactly how to handle it. “I would always copy her [Kate],” she said. “I’ve seen it with my own eyes, so I’m much more able to deal with it. I had to say no to people. But I’m still nice! Moss also states that she was the last to think of it, but has since grown to admire her mother’s effortless style. “Over the past three or four years, I’ve realized that her style is actually really cool. I have to admit it now. In the images, shot by Steven Meisel, the blonde beauty can be found adorned with Loewe, Prada , Versace, Fendi, Alberta Ferretti, Dior and the chicest range of headpieces you’ve ever seen. Take a look below.

(Courtesy of Steven Meisel)

Condé stops the publication of Vogue Russia in light of the ongoing war

Next on board the train to cease operations in Russia is Condé Nast, which has just announced the closure of its Russian edition. The more permanent move follows the publisher’s initial suspension in March. The ax was not retaliation, as Condé CEO Roger Lynch said “the escalation in the severity of censorship laws…has dramatically curtailed free speech and punished journalists simply for doing their job, which made our work in Russia untenable”. Lynch’s statement also acknowledged the publication’s staff, 90% of whom have already lost their jobs. “What weighs heavily on my mind is our staff who did not choose this war and yet continue to bear some of the consequences of it.” The first edition of Vogue Russia was printed in 1998 and last edited by editor Ksenia Solovieva. All team broadcasts are suspended until further notice.

Pyer Moss expands inventory with first-ever offering of handbags and shoes

Just a month after ending his relationship with Reebok, Pyer Moss creative director Kerby Jean-Raymond realized he couldn’t stay away from designing must-have shoes. Released today, the designer has expanded Pyer Moss’ ready-to-wear offering to include women’s handbags and shoes. The tote collection includes a range of five handbags, which feature asymmetrical silhouettes and hand-patterned designs, as well as stiletto heels and lace-up mules. According to Jean-Raymond, who recently took a brief hiatus from design, the foray into categories was inspired by a collection that never saw a release. “The hand pattern is something we started working on in early 2019 for what was the first release of collection four, and then we rolled it into our couture collection,” he said. “[It’s] something that feels fun, familiar and reminiscent [us] of solidarity. Along with the launch, the brand posted billboards in New York and Miami to promote its exciting development. Given the designer’s commitment to intentional manufacturing, items will only be produced in quantities needed to avoid overproduction. So if you feel like it (obviously!), we recommend you buy it quickly on PyerMoss.com. Small leather goods and the second drop of the Couture Capsule collection are also up for grabs.

Barbie celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s 96th birthday with a replica doll

Put on your party hats! Released today, which marks the monarch’s 96th trip around the sun, Barbie has launched a collectible doll to celebrate – and she’s decked out in everything regal, from white silk gloves to a glittering headpiece. The doll came to life in honor of Her Majesty’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee ceremony on June 2 and commemorates 70 years of service to the throne, including ribbons and sentimental medallions passed down from deceased relatives. The item will be available to buy at select retailers as well as online at Amazon, where it can be found enclosed in packaging reminiscent of Buckingham Palace. The Royal Family also took to Instagram to commemorate the date with their annual snapshot of the smiling Empress. Royal ponies Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale even made a special appearance!

A$AP released on $550,000 bail

Just hours after his arrest at LAX yesterday morning, A$AP Rocky was released on $550,000 bond. The rapper, who is expecting his first child with his girlfriend Rihanna any minute, was taken into custody due to the rapper’s involvement in a Shooting November 2021, while he allegedly fired several shots at the victim. LAPD even carried out a search of the home of the future dad and would have left with potential evidence of the crime.

ASAP Rocky (Getty Images)

Tory Burch taps Sydney Sweeney to be the face of handbags and shoes

Actress Sydney Sweeney and Tory Burch continue their sartorial romance. the Euphoria The starlet is the latest to join the all-American label as its celebrated handbag and shoe ambassador. Sweeney, who worked with the brand on its holiday campaign in December, said she’s been a fan of the eponymous designer’s products and his commitment to female empowerment for years. Judging by the designer’s latest Instagram post, where the blonde lookalikes are perched behind a desk, they’re obviously ready to get down to business. Burch wrote very admirably of the young muse in the caption: “Sydney is one of the most talented young actresses working today, but I am also inspired by her curiosity, her confidence and her great mechanical skills. car! She makes no apologies for being who she is and is fearless in her approach to acting and the way she lives her life. I am delighted to work with her. Prior to Euphoriathe Zendaya co-star played the lead roles for The Handmaid’s Tale, Sharp objects and The White Lotusamong others, although the last year or so introduced most of his fame. Other recent appointments on her resume include partnerships with Guess and skin care authority Laneige. Watch this place!

6397, Common Projects and others in place for SoHo sample sale

It’s that time of year again when the weather changes and your wardrobe is in a jumble of down coats and bikinis, which can only mean one thing: a wardrobe refresh. must be done. Never fear, we know the perfect place to start. In Pencil for May 12 at 495 Broadway’s 5th Floor, sample showroom The NEWS will host a sample sale featuring brands like 6397, Common Projects, Pasadena Leisure Club, Maria McManus, NOAH, Clu, PURPLE-BRAND, Amiacalva, Destiny and Needles. The showroom will enjoy its operation until May 14. With prices starting at just $25, there’s no better time or place to start your spring cleaning (shopping). Finish the old, make way for the new!


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