Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe kicks Tim out!

Sally Metcalfe is disgusted with Tim on tonight’s episode of coronation street (8:00 p.m., see our TV guide for full listings).

At #4, Sally Metcalfe discovers that Tim has been viewing porn sites and orders him to go to “casino night” alone. When he gets home, he finds a note from Sally telling him that she threw him out of their room and made him the extra bed. Is this the end for Sally and Tim?

At the bistro, Debbie orders Ryan to stage a break-in, then she can file an insurance claim. But later, he’s furious when she tells him the heist is over!

As “Casino Night” is underway, Ryan tells Debbie that he will merge the electricity and retrieve the money from the safe. Suddenly the bistro is plunged into darkness and Debbie reluctantly helps with Ryan’s plan. As the Bistro patrons enter the Rovers, Ryan stuffs the cash into his duffel bag but when Leanne arrives he hides while she flips the switch and the lights come back on. Ryan comes out of his hiding place and realizes that he has just arrived.

Leanne returns to the Rovers to tell the customers that “Casino Night” is back. Ryan assures Debbie that the money is hidden in her room.

Later, Leanne is horrified to find that all the money is missing as Debbie orders Ryan to call the police.

Debbie and Ryan steal from the Bistro

Debbie and Ryan are stealing from the Bistro. (Image credit: ITV)

Ken approaches Wendy and invites her for coffee. At #1, the couple share a lasagna and Ken tells them that he knows what it’s like to be alone because he still misses Deirdre.

Ken gives Wendy a second chance

Ken gives Wendy a second chance. (Image credit: ITV)

Aaron calls the florist’s apartment and tells Summer that he would still like to go on vacation, but on the condition that she get counseling and deal with her body image issues.

Also, Sean attempts to cook a roast to impress Dylan but when he receives a text saying he is out for pizza with his mates, Sean serves the overcooked pork to Eileen, George and Todd. George takes a bite and is alarmed to realize he’s broken a tooth!

Coronation Street continues Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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