Coronation Street spoilers: Is Kelly Neelan dead?

Aadi freaks out when he discovers the wrecked car Kelly Neelan was driving in tonight’s episode of coronation street (8:00 p.m., see our TV guide for full listings).

Kelly Neelan and Aadi find Ellie at a hotel bar and take part in the Mr & Mrs Quiz. They don’t answer questions correctly, but when Aadi reveals they go together, Ellie thinks readers will like them. Back on the street, Asha shows Kelly’s engagement ring and Aadi announces that he passed his driver’s license. Dev is overjoyed and gives her the keys to a car.

Asha confronts Aadi about Kelly’s engagement ring and he admits it’s their mother’s ring but assures her that he and Kelly aren’t really engaged, but are only pretending so they can earn a vacation. After hearing the couple talking, Kelly throws the ring at Aadi, jumps into her new car, and drives away. Aadi borrows Asha’s old princess bike and rides on the ginnel. But when he discovers that his car hit a bollard, is Kelly okay?

Bernie returns from her shopping spree with Joseph’s new uniform and a chic blazer for herself. When Bernie admits the blazer was meant for someone else and given to him by mistake, Gemma and Chesney urge him to take it back. Later, a lady calls at #5 and introduces herself as Fern, claiming that Bernie tried to steal her fancy jacket. How will Bernie get out of this?

Bernie is in trouble when she sees double

Bernie gets in trouble when she sees double. (Image credit: ITV)

Stu apologizes to Kelly but Tim warns him to stay away from Yasmeen. However, Kelly confirms that he is back at No. 6 and Yasmeen helps him clear his name. Tim and Elaine beg Yasmeen to think twice about helping Stu. Meanwhile, at #6, Stu offers to pack up but Yasmeen points out that running away will only make him guilty.

For Dylan’s last night with him, Sean offers to organize a farewell dinner, but when he has to work, Glenda has an idea that will cheer him up. Sean arrives at the bistro to find that Glenda and Mary have invited James to Dylan’s party. When James offers a little trip before dinner, Dylan admits he doesn’t want to go home, but prefers to live here.

Summer books a romantic night at the Chariot Square Hotel to make up for ruining her vacation with Aaron.

coronation street continues Monday at 8:00 p.m.

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