Chipolo integrates Apple Find My support into its new wallet tracker

Chipolo is looking for a way to extend the range of its Bluetooth trackers. So he’s looking to Apple and the tech giant’s very large Find My network for help.

A new version of the company’s wallet tracker, the Chipolo Card Spot, debuts at CES 2022. Among the capabilities of the wallet finder is the fact that users will be able to tap into the Find My network to locate any wallet or purse with a Chipolo Card Spot tucked inside.

When you pair your Chipolo Card Spot with your iPhone, you will be able to add the wallet tracker to the Items tab of the Find My app preinstalled on iPhones. Apple added the ability to add third-party stuff like Chipolo’s new wallet tracker in a Find My update last April. (Chipolo added Find My support to their key tracker at that time.)

Mark your wallet equipped with Chipolo Card Spot as lost and you will receive a notification when the Find My network is detected by other devices connected to Find My, which will relay the approximate location of your wallet to you. There’s also a Notify When Left Behind feature that ping your iPhone with a separation alert, if you leave a location without taking your wallet (and its Chipolo tracker).

Chipolo card slot

(Image credit: Chipolo)

As you would expect from a tracker designed to fit into a wallet, the Chipolo Card Spot is extremely thin – just 0.09 inches. You can’t swap out the battery, but Chipolo says the device should last up to two years. The IPX5 water resistance is intended to protect the Chipolo Card Spot from splashes.

The latest Chipolo Card tracker is coming at any interesting time. Tile, the leading maker of many of the best key finder tools, has updated its product line for 2022, and while most devices impressed us in testing, the wallet-friendly Tile Slim, we seemed to be a step back. In our review Tile Slim (2022), the wallet finder was well below its listed range of 250 feet. This particularly stung since the new Tile Slim cost $ 5 more than its predecessor.

Like the latest Tile Slim, the Chipolo Card Spot costs $ 35. It ships in February, although Chipolo started taking pre-orders today (January 4). We can’t wait to see how Chipolo’s new wallet finder stacks up against the Tile Slim and what kind of a difference Find My support makes.

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