CBP seizes fake designer handbags and wallets valued at $ 314,000


DALLAS – United States Customs and Border Protection officers working at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport have intercepted a shipment manifested in the form of pencil bags, but instead containing various designer bags totaling a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $ 314,000.

CBP agents in Dallas seize counterfeit
designer bags valued at over $ 314,000.

The shipment that originated from Vietnam and was destined for the Dallas area when CBP officers selected it for inspection.

When CBP agents opened the four boxes, they found 153 items bearing trademarks such as Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Burberry and Fendi. Import specialists at CBP’s Center of Expertise and Excellence for Consumer Products and Mass Goods determined that the various handbags and wallets were counterfeit and officers seized the shipment for violation of DPI and trademarks.

“We are always looking to intercept counterfeit products as they could pose harmful risks to consumers, negatively impact our economy and harm the owner of the intellectual property rights and the employees who depend on these brands for a living,” said Timothy Lemaux, Director of the Port of Dallas CBP. . “As holiday shopping approaches, we can expect to see a variety of counterfeit products attempting to enter the United States. “

Fake red Gucci bag
Counterfeit Gucci bags were among the
designer brands seized in Dallas.

The shipment has been turned over to the CBP Fines, Penalties and Forfeiture Branch who will prepare the shipment for destruction.

Each year, CBP seizes millions of counterfeit products intended for sale in underground markets or various online platforms. These products include fake versions of in-demand items including clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and smartphones. CBP has also intercepted counterfeit pharmaceuticals, medical devices, supplements and other consumables.

In fiscal 2020, CBP agents nationwide seized more than 26,500 shipments containing counterfeit products that would have generated sales of $ 1.3 billion had they been genuine.

For more information on the risks associated with purchasing counterfeit goods, visit CBP’s Fake Goods, Real Dangers website and read CBP’s Ecommerce Awareness Guide. Additional tips for protecting your family from counterfeit products can be found at StopFakes.gov.

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