Cast member questioned by detective after searching guest’s wallet

It was her first day out of practice at Disneyland Park, and this Disney cast member got the job she didn’t want: ride at Indiana Jones Adventure.

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At the tower, the Cast Members meticulously monitor the cameras placed throughout the ride and make sure everything goes smoothly. This is a very detail oriented and safety critical position. The Cast Member knew she couldn’t get up from her seat, but she didn’t expect a phone call leading to a police investigation!

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The phone rang only a few minutes after she sat down. When she answered, another cast member asked her if there was a wallet in the room with her. Although she didn’t see a wallet at first, she found it behind the phone. The person on the phone asked him how much money was in it.

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The Cast Member opened the wallet to check, not thinking of asking another Cast Member to check with her for a witness. There was no money in the wallet. The cast member explained this to the person on the phone and went on with their day.

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However, when the cast member arrived at work the next day, a manager dragged her into a conference room and was questioned by a detective. When the wallet was found abandoned in a transport vehicle, cast members called City Hall Customer Service and let them know that a wallet containing a large sum of cash had been found. The town hall told the guest who had the wallet that it had been recovered with all the money inside, and the guest returned to Indiana Jones Adventure to retrieve the wallet – which had been emptied between searches. , hidden in the tower and found by this Cast Member.

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“The only person who could have taken that money should have been a Disney cast member,” she explained.

Indiana Jones Adventure Opening Day
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“How come the managers called the tower a few times, and every other cast member on the tower said, ‘No, I don’t see a wallet.’ But did you magically find that wallet?” the detective allegedly asked her. She tried to explain that the tower is a small area, so there was nowhere else she could have been other than behind the phone.

The detective then asked her about the other cast members who were on the tower that day and whether she “thought they were trustworthy”. Since it was only her first day out of practice, she barely knew most of the other cast members, let alone if they could be trusted!

Indiana Jones Adventure
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“Then he pointed to the only girl I’d met who was a little ab*tch to me and said, ‘Would you trust her?’ “Oh no, I wouldn’t trust him.” ‘Why not?’ I said, ‘Well, she was pretty mean to me.’ And he says, ‘I see.’ I was like, ‘Wait a second. Just because she was mean to me doesn’t mean she’s a thief. I was so nervous,’ the former cast member said.

She explained that her biggest fear was being falsely accused of a crime, as she was blamed for many problems in the house growing up.

indiana jones disneyland adventure
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“I never heard from the detective or the managers again, so they had to find out who did it,” she said. “But damn, it was scary, and I don’t ever want to have to be interrogated again.”

Commentators told him you should always have a second person to look inside a guest’s purse or wallet – and never talk to a detective or police officer without representation. She agreed, noting that she was young, nervous and new, but would handle it much differently today!

If you lose anything in the Disney Parks, you can file a lost item report with Customer Service for prompt return of your items!

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