Buy Celine sandals and a shoulder bag

Photo: Ryan Jenq

the Gossip Girl reboot kicked off last week, raising the question of what the Serenas and Blairs of the world might wear for their jaunts around New York today. Celine’s “Teen” bag is probably a good place to start – and not just because of the name. With a chunky shoulder strap and vintage briefcase style, it has the look of an Upper East Side prep school accessory, only for an age where textbooks can fit on a smartphone.

These sturdy Celine gladiator sandals are also an ideal New York shoe – a shoe you could comfortably wear to walk down the steps of downtown from the Met to Frenchette, or wherever the Gossip Girl the cast is going these days. Adding a gold triumph the charm on the front also adds a bit of flair to an otherwise bohemian style. Dan and Nate would both approve.

Photo: Ryan Jenq

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