Best wallet cases for Google Pixel 6 in 2021

wallet cases for google pixel 6
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While many miss having a rear fingerprint on the Google Pixel 6, replacing it with an on-screen sensor has doubled the open space for card slots and wallet flaps. That means the Pixel 6 wallet cases can be ten times better than in previous years, when we were stuck with folios or ridiculously cramped card slots, and they’re the best you can buy today.

Like a safe:
VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro

Choice of personnel

Card slot cases and even most folio cases usually only have room for two (maybe three) cards, but VRS’s rugged case has room for four. On top of that, the sturdy and sleek design of VRS Design includes a steel-covered sliding mechanism and rubber spikes on the top to keep your phone steady on a table.

$ 22 on Amazon

Ghostek Exec case for Google Pixel 6

Detach and load:
Director of Ghostek

Ghostek’s most recognizable care series is one of the few detachable wallet cases that performs well. The wallet section securely holds four cards, but when you laze around at home, it detaches for a more compact experience, allowing for wireless charging compatibility.

  • $ 30 on Amazon

  • $ 30 at Walmart

Pixel 6 Kowauri Leather Wallet Case

Can’t beat the classic:
Kowauri leather wallet

This classic faux leather wallet case features two card slots and a cash flap, and when you charge it, magnetic clasps keep the case closed. Just keep in mind that due to the location of the Pixel 6’s volume rocker, this magnetic clasp covers the volume down button when the case is closed.

$ 11 on Amazon

Spigen Slim Armor Cs Case for Google Pixel 6

Sleek and shiny:
Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen’s Card Slot Case conceals two cards and cash while remaining flat and unobtrusive. Available in black and rose gold, I love the texture near the top of the phone around the camera module, and the bumper around the camera module is nicely rounded and sturdy.

From $ 18 on Amazon

Teelevo Wallet Case for Google Pixel 6

Wear under blanket:
Teelevo double layer case with card holder

With huge sliding panels or cards exposed, most card slot housings couldn’t be more obvious, but Teelevo’s cover only opens at the bottom for a more secretive experience. Plus, while it can only hold two cards because the back is solid, it works best with the phone’s grips.

$ 16 on Amazon

Profer Google Pixel Wallet Case

Put a ring on it:
Profer wallet case for Google Pixel 6 with card slot

Phone grips are wonderfully useful, but they also add bulk to a case and tend to fall out. Profer prevents the two by building a phone ringtone directly into its card slot casing. All the back cover where the cards and phone ring are located can also be removed for wireless charging at night.

$ 15 on Amazon

Pixel 6 card slot case in Kowauri leather

Slim and sleek:
Kouwari leather wallet case with credit card slot

Leather card slot cases are the best of both worlds: thinner than folios and nicer than hard plastic. This case will feel like a tight fit once you have more than two cards in it, but that’s what the elastic is for: to hold the cards in place with tension. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a distinct style and keeps the case as slim as possible.

$ 15 on Amazon

Foluu Flip Folio Pixel 6 Case

Cover it up:
Foluu canvas flap wallet

Foluu’s wallet cases have consistently covered Pixels, Galaxies, and dozens of other phones over the past few years, making them an affordable and reliable option for the Pixel 6 at a time when the wallet case market is tight. Available in three colors, this understated case has magnets to keep the wallet closed, but keep in mind that they also cover the volume down button when closed.

$ 11 on Amazon

Why card slots reign supreme among Pixel 6 wallet cases

While folios are the usual wallet case we come across, Google has positioned the volume rocker too close to neutral on the right bumper. This means that most folios have one unfortunate flaw: any centered folio flap covers the volume down button and possibly the volume up button. If you still want a folio, it shouldn’t interfere with your music as long as the case is in your purse, but you’ll have to open it to turn the music down.

That said, the card slot cases are more polished and overall have more possibilities for a Pixel 6 wallet case, especially now that we don’t have a rear fingerprint sensor, which makes card placement difficult. . The VRS Damda Glide Pro is sturdy and durable while the Ghostek’s removable wallet is distinct and easy to use separately or together, and the Teelevo’s colors provide cool variety.

If those wallet cases don’t buy your heart out, you might be better off buying a thin, elastic wallet and grabbing one of the best regular Pixel 6 cases instead. I have been using an elastic wallet for over half a decade because they are very small, easily last half a decade, and fit much more easily into small pockets and purses than your old sweaty trifold. grandfather.

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