“Back to the Future” Loungefly Mini Backpack, Purse and Wallet Meet at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Loungefly “Back to the Future” collection has arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood. This collection includes a mini backpack, purse and wallet – although the wallet was not on display and we weren’t allowed to handle items we didn’t purchase. We’ve included photos from Universal Orlando Resort’s portfolio.

Loungefly “Back to the Future” Mini Backpack – $80

The backpack is mostly black. The front pocket resembles the front of the DeLorean time machine.

bttf salonfly ush121311

Above the time machine is the car’s speedometer combined with a clock. The outer circle has gears, while the inner circle has Roman numerals. The speedometer/clock hand can be moved. The clock tower is in the background.

back to the future loungefly 4 scale

The orange elements of the bag glow under UV light.

bttf salonfly ush121324

The straps and the lining of the zippers are solid red.

bttf salonfly ush121333

Flames wrap around the sides of the bag all the way to the back, where the ‘outatime’ license plate is depicted.

back to the future loungefly 12 scale

Here’s a better look at the back of Florida.

back to the future loungefly 6 scale

The front pocket zipper is the flux capacitor.

Loungefly “Back to the Future” Coin Purse – $79

bttf loungefly ush121345

The handbag has red handles. On one side is the display of destination time, current time and last departure time from inside the time machine.

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Vacationer TopBarAD2020 v2

bttf loungefly ush121347

Above it has a display showing 88 MPH. The dates are November 5, 1955 (both destination and departure) and October 26, 1985 (present time).

bttf salonfly ush121351

It includes a detachable chain shoulder strap.

bttf salonfly ush121357

On the back is a red Loungefly plaque and an image of the DeLorean with flames lined up behind its wheels. Here’s a better look:

back to the future bag and wallet 3 to scale

Loungefly “Back to the Future” Wallet – $55

back to the future bag and wallet 7 to scale

The wallet says “Powered by Flux Capacitor” on one side.

back to the future 13 scale bag and wallet

The flux capacitor is shown on the other side, with warnings to “disconnect capacitor drive before opening” and “protect eyes from light”.

back to the future 8 scale bag and wallet
back to the future 14 scale bag and wallet

The interior of the wallet is red, with several card slots and a transparent ID card slot. The fabric lining is adorned with the flux capacitor and a radioactive warning symbol.

This was all in the Studio Store at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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