Alan Carr’s Adventures with Agatha Christie – Everything We Know

In Alan Carr’s Adventures with Agatha Christiecomedian Alan Carr reveals a surprising secret: he is obsessed with Agatha Christie and has read all of her books.

Although he’s already a super fan whose love for Agatha’s books began when he was 12, Alan is curious to find out more about the woman behind the bestsellers, and in this three-part documentary parties, he’ll visit some of the stunning landscapes that inspired his books, meet his descendants and even jump behind the scenes at his record-breaking West End play, The Mouse Trap.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new series – including an interview with Alan himself…

Alan Carr’s Adventures with Agatha Christie release date

Alan Carr’s Adventures with Agatha Christie launches Sunday, August 14 at 9 p.m. on More4.

Alan Carr’s adventures with Agatha Christie – what places does he visit?

Over the course of the series, Alan will visit all sorts of places important to Agatha Christie, including many in and around Devon. He will visit London’s West End to go behind the scenes of The Mouse Trap (opens in a new tab) and learn the secrets of the world’s oldest play (but don’t worry, it won’t reveal the whodunit), plus the direction of Greenway House (opens in a new tab)Agatha’s holiday home in Devon for over 30 years which features in her book The madness of the deadand browsing through some of his personal photo albums.

Alan Carr stands on the deck of the 'Sea Tractor' which ferries customers to and from Burgh Island when the tide rises.  The Art Deco-style Burgh Island Hotel sits behind him on the island.

Alan on the ‘Sea Tractor’ which ferries guests to and from Burgh Island at high tide. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Alan will also make a trip to Burgh Island (opens in a new tab)a tidal island in South Devon, where Agatha wrote two of her most famous novels: And then there was no more and Evil under the sun. He even gets to see the actual rooms Agatha stayed in – but will he too get a visit from the muse when he sits down at the typewriter?

Alan Carr’s Adventures with Agatha Christie – who are the guests?

During his travels, Alan will meet high profile Agatha Christie fans to discuss why they love his work. He visits the Reverend Richard Coles for tea to discuss the art of detective fiction – something Richard has recently turned his hand to – while Susie Blake will tell Alan about her experience playing Miss Marple on stage , and Judge Rinder joins Alan to attend a performance of Prosecution witness.

Alan also meets James Prichard, Agatha’s great-grandson, who shares some family secrets with him…

Alan Carr stands in front of the main entrance to the Art Deco-style Burgh Island Hotel.  He wears a 1920s style suit with a bow tie and holds a fluted wine glass by the stem.

Alan gets dressed for dinner at the Burgh Island Hotel. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Alan Carr’s Adventures with Agatha Christie – Interview with Alan Carr

When did you first discover Agatha Christie’s books?

“It was a rainy caravan holiday in Devon, and we couldn’t go to the beach, we couldn’t do anything, so I went to the campsite store which had a spinning thing with all the books on it, and I bought The Murder at the Parsonage – and as soon as I read it, I was hooked! I ended up reading them all, and one Saturday morning when we were going into town, I was still begging my father, ‘please, can I have another Agatha Christie?’. I will always be grateful to Agatha Christie because she launched my love of reading.”

You visit amazing places from the show – was it a lot of fun?

“Well Devon Tourist Board must be ecstatic because we had glorious sunshine and went to the best places ever! It was a perfect job – love a tea cream and chop around a stately home. Burgh Island was Art Deco heaven, to think she wrote two of her books there. It seems like a cliché when you say, ‘I walk in the footsteps of ‘Agatha Christie’ – but I really was! It was just amazing, to be there at that table, staring into the view where she wrote Evil under the sun.”

What were you most surprised to learn about Agatha?

“That she had so much drive and got up and walked away – we’re used to that black and white photo of her on the backs of books, where she looks older and quite stern, no isn’t it ” But as a young woman, she went surfing and rollerblading, she went to Egypt, Syria and Iraq. I’m totally new to documentaries and it was a bit of a learning curve for me, so we understand “Agatha Christie loved wild swimming”. , so I put on my wetsuit and went swimming like crazy! I was like, ‘Well, I can see it in a picture, why do I need to go wild swimming? Why can’t I just watch it from the beach?'”

What is your favorite Agatha Christie book and why?

“I think it is The ABC Murders, where a serial killer kills people whose names begin with A in a city beginning with A, then he moves to B and works his way through the alphabet. It’s pretty gruesome and vindictive – it’s also pretty modern murder, you can imagine it on Netflix or something. It’s one of my scarecrows about Agatha Christie, where people say, ‘Oh, she’s so cozy and she’s all in twee’, but actually some of the ways people get murdered are so sinister!”

What do you think is the secret to Agatha’s enduring appeal?

“I think we all love a mystery, and it’s nostalgia for times past – it’s like stepping into a hot bath. I always put an Agatha Christie in my bag when I travel, it’s like bringing a friend with you. I know who the killer is, because I’ve read it before, but I like them!”

Is there a trailer for Alan Carr’s adventures with Agatha Christie?

Not yet, but if one is released, we’ll add it to this guide.

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