AirTag-equipped passport wallet lets you keep track of your money and important documents

The first step to ensuring that your passport, cards or money don’t end up being forgotten… or stolen.

The AirTag Passport Wallet comes with a built-in holder for your Apple AirTag, allowing you to harness its ultra-wideband tracking capabilities to keep an eye on your personal belongings such as your passport, cards, cash, credit card, etc. boarding and your vaccination certificates. Now admittedly the AirTag itself is a pretty chunky pebble-like device and something like the Chipolo CARD Spot would absolutely work like a charm here, but if you’re well-connected to the Apple ecosystem and love the AirTag tracking interface that lets you know where the tracking device is by following a large arrow around the room, the AirTag Passport Wallet makes a great addition to your travel EDC arsenal.

Creator: Simply Evening

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Each AirTag passport wallet also comes with an AirTag keychain, effectively covering all your belongings. Made from vegan leather, the wallet can hold a passport, as well as 3 cards, a certificate and cash. The AirTag chamber lets you store the tracker, and once it’s in place, you can rename the tag on your iPhone or Apple device, customizing it to better track it. Even with the AirTag, the entire device is only 0.3 inches thick, making it thin enough to slip into most laptop bags, briefcases, bags handbags or even fanny packs if you’re always the type to rock them…

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