A stealthy thief in Haverford Township pulls a wallet out of a woman’s purse as the victim eats at a restaurant.

HAVERFORD — Police have a lead in a pickpocketing crime that recently hit a restaurant in Haverford Township and investigators are asking for the public’s help in locating the suspect.

According to a crime awareness bulletin posted on social media, a woman quietly stole a wallet with credit cards from a customer’s purse while he was at a restaurant on October 15.

The suspect then used the stolen credit cards in stores at Manoa Mall within 45 minutes of the robbery.

The suspect is described as a short, heavy, black female, brown/black hair with red/auburn highlights and last seen wearing blue jeans and a matching blue denim jacket, pink shirt, white sneakers, oversized sunglasses.

The woman arrived and left the area in the vehicle pictured which appears to be a 2008 Toyota Solara with tan convertible upholstery. The suspect vehicle was driven by a tall black man.

Haverford Police are looking for this woman in the pickpocketing at a restaurant. (Courtesy of Haverford Police)

Anyone with information about the woman is asked to contact Detective Michael Flynn at 610-853-1298 ext. 1225 or [email protected] or call the anonymous hotline at 610-853-9213.

In the weekly township police blotter, a pickpocket was reported at the Brick and Brew along East Eagle Road on October 16 at 1:21 p.m.

The victim reported that her wallet was stolen from her purse while she was eating. The wallet contained credit cards, a social security card, a driver’s license and $20. Several unauthorized purchases were made with credit cards, police said.

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