A man shows up to a woman to return his daughter’s wallet

A stranger who went above and beyond to retrieve a misplaced wallet is an example of how a small act of kindness can go a long way.

She absolutely forgot to ask him his name because she was so overwhelmed at the time. When she realized the front porch camera had captured everything, she uploaded the footage to the Neighbors app in hopes of finding it.

A woman was surprised to find a stranger with a wallet at her doorstep. The man claimed he had found it in a parking lot and was able to find it in the right place as it contained many maps.

Although the mother did not recognize the purse at first, she immediately realized that it belonged to her daughter when the Good Samaritan opened it to show some ID.

The delighted mother was seen congratulating the man and expressing her thanks for walking such a long distance to restore the missing item.

Doorbell camera movies normally go viral as they show stolen packages or crawling animals, but this one has caught everyone’s attention. “No good deed goes unnoticed,” said Ring, a company that manufactures doorbell cameras.

In fact, the video not only went viral, but it also helped the woman find the Good Samaritan.

Luckily, the man’s girlfriend spotted the message and responded with a lovely message. Thanks to this, the woman was able to communicate with the good Samaritan Deronta.

According to the woman who identified herself as Kim, the doorbell company spoke: “I was so happy when I found him. I called him right away.

She added. “What a great guy he is! My daughter will contact him herself and I hope we can organize dinner soon.

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