7 tips to make your handbags last longer

According to Billy Connolly, “A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her purse; even when you get to the bottom, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!

Most of the time, your women’s outfit isn’t complete until there’s a beautiful handbag to complement it.

Your handbag deserves the utmost care because it contributes a lot to making you the beautiful and elegant woman that you are.

We sometimes complain that our handbags don’t last as long as they should. Well, it can be the result of poor quality materials from which they are made or our lack of good housekeeping habits.

To help make your handbag last longer, there are certain things to put in place and they are discussed below.

1. Get quality bags

To make your handbag last longer, you need to make sure you buy quality bags. What will be the use of having a certain number of bags that you will no longer be able to use after a while?

Instead of buying 3 poor quality handbags, why not buy 1 quality bag that you will enjoy for a long time.

To make your handbags last longer, choose quality over quantity!

In order to guarantee you quality bags, here tips to help you identify genuine leather bags

2. Do not expose them to direct sunlight

Just as you wouldn’t want to expose yourself to direct sunlight, your handbags also deserve the same treatment. Indeed, sunlight can deteriorate many products, including handbags.

Placing your bag in direct sunlight could affect the color, texture and shape of your bag. So instead, store it on a shelf or inside a closet where the sun doesn’t reach.

Cool, dry spaces preserve the quality of most products, including your handbags.

3. Don’t throw away dust bags

Dustbags are a piece of material that your handbags are packed in.

As the name suggests, they are meant to protect your handbags from dust, but out of ignorance or indifference, some women drop the dust bags off at the store where they get their bags or throw them away when they start using Handbag.

You can also use your dust bag when traveling to store an extra handbag, a pair of shoes, or to store old bags that didn’t come with dust bags.

Your bag comes with a dust bag for good reason, so don’t just throw it away, use it to store your handbag. This will keep it clean and safe.

4. Don’t rush it

To make your bag last longer, stop squeezing it.

Try as much as possible to maintain the shape of your handbag even when not in use, as this largely determines its appearance and, therefore, its lifespan.

Squeezing your handbags into your closet due to lack of space will only help the rate at which they get damaged.

If your bag doesn’t quite hold its shape after emptying it, fill it with tissue paper, bubble wrap, or even an old towel. This will help retain its original shape longer. You don’t have to for a smaller, flat shoulder bag.

5. Change your bags from time to time

When you use a handbag for a while without using it alternately with other bags, it wears out easily.

To make your hand bags last longer, change them from time to time. Don’t just focus on one at the expense of the other bags.

6. Do not over clean your bags and use recommended cleaning products

To make your handbag last longer, avoid over-cleaning your leather handbags as a buildup of chemicals will also contribute to the destruction of your bag.

Additionally, some products are designed to clean handbags to maintain the quality of the material. Different cleaning products will specify the type of material they clean.

So know what your bag is made of and get the right product to clean it. Avoid using any cleaning product as it can be harsh on your handbag material.

7. Clean up spills immediately

For ladies who always have their makeup directly inside their bags, this habit should be stopped if you want your handbag to last longer.

Instead of placing your makeup directly in your bag, you should put them in a smaller makeup bag and then place them in your handbag. This is to prevent makeup stains and spills in your bag.

Also, if something accidentally spills on your bag, clean it up as soon as possible.

Your handbags are a very important part of accessories as a woman and as much as you spend on them, take the time to maintain them as well.

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