5 Trusted Tote Handbags To Make A Style Statement Every Time


It’s time to put those micro bags aside and get back to basics with some great on-the-go tote handbags. Tote handbags have been a beautiful and timeless style forever. Whether you love a stunning printed handbag or a monochrome style, we’ve got you covered to rock any look. Spacious and stylish are the perfect words to define these bags and investing in a bag can sometimes be a daunting task. So to help you out, we’ve narrowed down a list of absolutely perfect handbags for your fashion wardrobe.

Women’s tote bags to kill every time in style

Add these amazing tote bags to your accessories collection right now.

1. Lino Perros faux leather tote bag

This beautiful and elegant tote bag from Lino Perros features a printed design. It has a zip closure and several pockets inside the bag to carry your essentials.

(39 ratings and 96 reviews)

Printed tote bag

The printed pattern of the tote bag features multiple floral and colorful prints that add a dynamic factor to it.

2. Baggit Women’s Tote Handbag

Made of synthetic material, this handbag features a two-tone shade, double handle and adjustable shoulder strap, so you can carry it easily.

(15 ratings and 79 reviews)

Two-tone handbag

The double hue of this handbag makes it an elegant piece and the adjustable shoulder strap allows you to carry it easily.

3. Lavie Yalta Women’s Tote Handbag

Featuring a stunning monochrome style, this handbag from Lavie is perfect for killing any style like a pro. It has a top zip closure with two main compartments inside, making it a spacious room and allowing you to carry all your essentials without any hassle.

Monochrome handbag

The monochrome style of the bag adds a touch of elegance to it, making it worth buying.

4. Fristo women’s handbag

This stunning monochrome handbag has a double strap on the top and is made of synthetic material, which makes it light and easy to carry.

(145 ratings and 1,091 reviews)

Double shoulder bag

The double strap style of this bag makes it very easy to carry and the synthetic material makes it very light.

5. Women’s handbag

Featuring a lovely monochrome style, this handbag has three main compartments which make it super spacious and is made of soft PU leather.

Light bag

The bag’s PU leather material makes it super light to carry and is a great choice for daily use.

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