5 reasons to watch History 101 season 2 on Netflix

This article discusses 5 reasons to watch History 101 season 2 on Netflix.

The funnily named History 101 The Netflix documentary series returns for a second season on August 25. After the first season, season 2 will explore various topics ranging from scientific breakthroughs to social movements or world-changing discoveries in the 20th and 21st centuries (despite the title of the series). These topics, as the trailer currently available on Netflix reveals, include GPS, MP3, dating apps, laser technology, credit cards, and more. Here are five reasons why you might want to check out its second season.

5 reasons to watch History 101 season 2 on Netflix

Reason 1: Learn something new

This reason may seem a little pretentious to some, but really, who wouldn’t like to learn something new? Almost every episode of History 101 at least contains something you didn’t know before pressing play. Learning a new perspective on a subject you may or may not know is one of the fundamental reasons why audiences around the world watch documentaries. Story 101 is the pure embodiment of that, with highly processed content to teach the audience something new, without making them feel like they’re in school.

Reason 2: It’s for the whole family

History 101 combines stock footage with homemade infographics that are engaging and easy to understand. The wide range of topics it covers, from plastics to MP3s, and the way they are presented means that young and old alike can get something new with every episode. The writing is accessible to anyone, and as we will discuss, no prior knowledge of the subject of each episode is necessary.

Reason 3: It is autonomous

This plays into the previous reason, but it’s big enough to stand on its own. Although we all know what a plastic bag or a dating app is, the way episodes of History 101 are written does not require any prior knowledge of the subjects they deal with. Even if you know what a plastic bag is, do you know how plastic is created or where it comes from? These are key points from the Season 1 episode on this, and since Season 2 follows the same pattern, it will apply as well. We all know what a credit card is, but how much is there that we don’t know about their creation? The series will tell us when it comes out.

Reason 4: Easy to digest

Unlike other docuseries, episodes of History 101 are also very accessible partly because of their length. Whether it be the last dance with episodes of one hour or even prehistoric planet with 40-minute episodes, the market is populated with long series that can feel overwhelming at times. Meanwhile, an episode of History 101 clocks in just about 20 minutes. This makes it a digestible watch if you have a few minutes to kill, during breakfast or even before bed.

Reason 5: Season 1 is not required

Given the format we discussed, each episode stands on its own and does not depend on the rest. For this reason, you can also skip season 1 if you’re interested in an episode from the second season, and your viewing experience won’t suffer. You can even skip Season 2 episodes and watch only the one you want. It’s almost like watching a YouTube video, but with more money behind it than the average content.

If any of these reasons were enough to get you on board, you’ll be able to watch the second season of History 101 on Netflix from August 25, 2022.

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